Screw Compressor Oilfree

Riem Italy is a company specialized in sale and assistance of compressors and air treatment machines, both new and reconditioned. It operates all over the world offering: Production of Spare Parts, On-site Assistance h.24, Sale of new and used compression products.

Production of Compressor Spare Parts

We produce oil-free compressor elements, heat exchangers for Z series compressors, electric panels and maintenance kits. We also produce and refurbish MD drums. 

Oil Free screw elements production

Riem Italy has created new oil-free compression stages. Each product is CE certified and meets the TÜV standard for “class 0 air” certification. The spare parts of compressors we produce are compatible for the replacement of compression elements on ATLAS COPCO Z machines but can also be used for newly designed machines.

Z Series Heat Exchangers

Riem Italy deals with the overhaul and construction of tube bundles to be used in engines, compressors, turbines, cool lubrication oil or cooling water. Riem Italy heat exchangers are normally built in AISI 444 steel but on request they can be manufactured in AISI 316 / L. The product, exclusively produced by Riem, is manufactured using the tube/plate coupling system through the TIG welding process or through expansion. Riem Italy is able to rebuild all the air coolers on the market starting from the customer’s material, whether it is a sample or a paper project.

MD drum reconstruction and revision

Riem Italy revises the MD series dryers to “zero hours” by replacing the drying drum. The great professionalism of the operators and the certified quality of the materials used allow these drums to be a valid alternative to the OEM ones of equal quality and performance.

Electronic Panels

We design electronic panels for screw compressors of the GA and ZR / ZT series, compatible with those of original equipment. Our MK 49 panel is compatible with the electronic sensors of machines equipped with MK III, MK IV electronic panels. 

Sale of new and used compressors, screw and centrifugal

Riem Italy is able to sale new screw compressors from major international brands such as Ceccato (lubricated screw and pistons compressors, with a range from 1.5 kW up to 250 kW) and Gardner Denver (lubricated and oil free screw compressors, with range from 2 to 315 kW). We are also able to satisfy requests for used rotary screw and pistons machines reconditioned to “zero” hours. We are also distributors of HANWHA POWER SYSTEM centrifugal compressors. The range of products are from 300 kW up to over 2000 kW. Riem Italy is also able to offer lubricated and oil free compressors for rent, from 22 to 400 kW.